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Alex Caruso The Carushow Shirt

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Awful news for staff off Thomas cook who have now been left without a job they were being paid for to keep their homes and family good on the working till the Alex Caruso The Carushow Shirt end. Also, feel for those who had booked holidays with them for next year the last thing they wanted was this to happen as for those stranded hope they get home. I was a stewardess with Dan-Air which went bust in 1992. Fortunately, BA bought our routes for £1 and paid our redundancy money. It happens, nothing to do with Brexit. Lots of airlines have disappeared over the years. There’s a lot of competition out there. Sad times.
Alex Caruso The Carushow Shirt

Alison Bryan as you so rightly say Thomas Cook has been in trouble for years, in fact, years before we voted to remain/leave. This was going to happen with or without the uncertainty of Brexit. The 20 million the bosses took home in the last five years didn't help to keep the company afloat. 

Alex Caruso The Carushow Ladies
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