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by Yoda Hug Whataburger Shirt

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I know nothing about who picks the hazelnuts for Nutella, so I'm simply reading all the comments and researching myself. What I do know is that it is made with palm oil. And that palm oil comes from planted groves of oil palms that were planted after huge acres of native tropical forest were burned down and plowed into the by Yoda Hug Whataburger Shirt. This is ongoing and has been removing the habitat for a large number of species in Borneo and nearby countries, to the point that many of those species are on the brink of extinction; in addition to the livelihood of native locals being lost. Before you buy a product, read the labels.
by Yoda Hug Whataburger Shirt
If it has palm oil, put it back on the shelf. By not supporting this habitat destruction with our dollars is the only way this destruction will stop, because clearly the government of Borneo is not stopping it. Nutella can use another sustainably sourced oil for their product. I found one in Whole Foods, without palm oil, that was just as delicious. 
by Yoda Hug Whataburger Ladies
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