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Heroes Friends Ramen Shirt

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My question is, do they have a vote amongst themselves about which public place they are going to cause trouble each week or does just one person tell them where to go next. That would just be the Heroes Friends Ramen Shirt being part of something they are protesting about. These protesters never think about if there is a legal loophole in their own system. Why Chinese mainland proposed that extradition law. Not because you guys didn’t do anything about the Hongkong girl’s death in Taiwan.
Heroes Friends Ramen Shirt

The planting of palm oil trees there city and burn the habitat of the orangutan. Oreos also have palm oil from the Amazon. Know what you are doing to the planet and stop buying these items. They want democracy and not to be put in the same pot as the rest of China i.e the way China is run as a country.

Heroes Friends Ramen Ladies
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